Sunday, March 20, 2011

I'm Really Here!!

Hi everyone! Can you believe it! I actually exist and even have several pictures to show you!!!

I spent the first three months of the year working on a model piece for a company (not using their name so this doesn't show up if googled). This piece was a real pain in my side to say the least. They were so worried about having any fabric showing through the stitches that I nearly got an ulcer from worry. The fabric was so uneven it was very difficult to get good coverage. I took my piece to my local LNS that Ann of R & R Reproductions owns to show her how awful it was. Ann, in her infinite wisdom, was able to tell me what was wrong with it...they dyed it using hot water and a lot of the fibers had shrunk. Well, I finally finished the piece and was so relieved to get it in the mail. So, after complaining so much on the PALS message board, I thought I would show you what it looked like (I will post it there too)...

I have dubbed them "The Bunnies"... here are some close ups of them.

The left bunny.....

The right bunny.....

They are the cutest things and I would love to stitch them for myself in the future......the very distant future!

My local LNS, Dyeing to Stitch, hosted a silk gauze class taught by Pat Ryan. It was a blast. It was the first time I had been to a class there and the women were wonderful. So much fun!! I even found out that my neighbor across the road is an avid stitcher and is always at the store. The piece I chose to stitch is called Happy New Year and was designed by Erica Michaels.

I am quite pleased with the results and am really looking forward to doing some more in the future. Although, I will definitely need to get some reading glasses before then. Working on 40ct silk gauze over one is REALLY hard on the eyes.

After mailing that annoying model back, I really needed to work on a piece for myself. The same day I mailed my model piece in, I found out that my grandmother has very advanced breast cancer. While at Myrtle Beach this past year, I picked up a piece designed by Louise Henderson of Cherished Designs called Charlotte's Sampler. It is a gorgeous Quaker piece in memory of breast cancer. My plan is to eventually stitch one, not only for myself, but also for my mom & aunts. Here is the progress I was able to complete in about 5 days.
Next, I decided it was about time to start working on my Up for a Challenge list. I would love to finish all of my WIP/UFOs this year so I can start all kinds of new projects next year. The first up on the list is Sam's Socks. This is what I have accomplished as of yesterday...

I was able to finish both legs of the pants, the shoes, the boxers and the sock this past week. I love stitching on this piece. It is truly fun. I'm hoping that I will be able to finish this the next time I pick it up.
I am now working on a piece for Diane. I will be working on it this week and will have an update picture next week.
I have really missed blogging and will try to make sure I have the time to post. This will be a very busy, trying and difficult year, but I will be sure to keep all of my stitching friends in the loop!!!
Happy Stitching!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm Still Here!!!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am still around. I will have time to do a huge blog update this weekend.

See ya then!!


Saturday, November 20, 2010

My little 'angels'......

...and their devilish ways! This was the scene that awaited me when I went into my room to get the girls ready for bed...

My youngest loves to play in my floss and my oldest had it wrapped around her like a belt. I was so pissed. The ones they took the wrappers off of I will just set aside to make cording.

One top of that I'm having some problems with my WIP, Attack Cat. I ran out of the 414 I was using for the main body color. So, I went to my floss stash (before the dump fest), got a 414 and started to stitch with it. IT'S NOT THE SAME COLOR!!! It's lighter, has more blue in it. I don't know what's up and I've done too much to start over with the lighter color. Here's a pic. I don't know if you can see the difference or not.

It's the 4 bottom right rows on the right side of the picture. I guess I'll just keep on stitching on it and see how things look in the end.

~ Steph~

A Quick FYI.....

....I changed the name of my blog.....:D


Dad's Christmas Gift

I was able to pick this up from the framer at my LNS today...

.....didn't turn out beautiful!? I absolutely love it!!! The ladies at LNS today loved it too. They took a picture of it to show Deb, the designer of this piece & also the shop owner. They have their's in a white frame, but think she will like this frame more. It has just a little bit of red in it that makes the piece just pop.

It has been a long time since I stitched something for my dad & I know that he is really gonna love it!!!


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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My 1st Finish of the Year & a new blog!!

So, I'm finally ready to start my NEW blog. Yipee!!!! After reading all of the blogs of my fellow PALS, I really wanted to start my own.....again.

Cue trupmet fanfare...

Without further ado, here is my first finish of the year......

GhostStitcher Wedding Sampler
Finished 11/13/2010

I was really excited to get this piece in the mail. It was my first GhostStitcher project and I wanted to make sure it looked perfect (as far as cross stitch goes).

When the company called me and told me it was mostly backstitch, I thought it would be a piece of cake. Here was my nemesis...

These two little corner frames were a pain in my butt. There were so many colors and so many quarter stitch only parts that I spent more time changing colors than actual stitching. I'm really hoping that the people that this goes to really love it and I hope to be getting a new piece in the mail soon.